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Technology has become an essential part of the 21st century traveler experience.

Whether catering to business travelers, vacationing guests, or a combination of both, kiosks and digital signage from EDN can increase sales and customer satisfaction through influential multimedia messages. To keep guests informed and happy, information should be provided through a variety of digital content, including the latest news; restaurant recommendations; easy-to-read maps; weather reports; as well as local entertainment, events, and points-of-interest around the resort and destination.

With digital signage you can efficiently guide guests through your property to their guest room, restaurant, or on-property event.

Use a single digital signage solution to communicate important information to your visitors and guests. With digital signage you can efficiently guide guests through your property to their guest room, restaurant, or on-property event. Dynamic integration with your back-end systems provides you with an easy to use digital communication tool to control the majority of your visual communication. From your lobby to your conference space, a digital signage solution can span throughout your entire property. With built-in data integration, you can seamlessly provide daily event listings and meeting details. Utilize the wayfinding functionality for property maps and to provide guests with directions to near-by attractions and points of interest.

What digital signage can do

  • Guide guests with property mapping
  • Act as a digital concierge for guests
  • Integrate with your sales & system
  • Display menus for on-property restaurants
  • Inform guests of flight delays
  • Display top news stories & live internet content
  • Output multi-day weather forecast

Where digital signage can go

  • Building Lobbies
  • Elevator Banks
  • Restaurants
  • Conference centers
  • Back of house locations
  • Guest room TV channel

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“Our EDN screens at the YMCA offer us a great opportunity to broadcast information to our members while also sharing advertising that interests them. With access to the website, it’s easy for us to quickly make changes for the benefit of the hundreds of members who visit YMCA daily. Plus, the EDN tech crew is always available for any questions or needs we may have.”

Andrea Escobedo
Branch Director, Downtown YMCA
Pensacola, FL

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What Is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a network of customizable displays that can be controlled electronically using a computer, allowing content to be changed remotely for the most targeted messaging possible. Digital signage is used for a wide variety of purposes including customer facing and employee facing applications such as advertising, enhancing customer or employee experiences, influencing audience behavior, brand building, interactive kiosks, up selling products and services, etc. Deployments can be found in such diverse locations as retail outlets, doctor’s offices, restaurants, corporate and school campuses, sports venues and even gas stations.

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Dr. Drlicka, DDS, PA

In 2010, we moved from our antiquated static display board to the Digital Signage offered by EDN in the lobby of our Visitor’s Information Center. It certainly adds a professional and clean look to our Visitor’s Center.

- Phillip M. Drlicka, DDS, PA
General Dentistry

About EDN Corporation

Electronic Display Networks is an innovative digital signage company that was established in July 2006.

Our strength in custom content creation allows us to offer you real time information to your clients through such modules as a digital newsletter, stock ticker, weather module, client scheduler and more to fit your specific business needs.

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