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Waycloud Wayfinding Services
Waycloud Wayfinding Services

The Future of Indoor/Outdoor Navigation
Has Arrived

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  • Easy to customize

    With built-in administrative tools available to designated personnel, WayCloud can be configured to compliment any location.

  • Responsive Architecture

    WayCloud is designed to be platform agnostic - it will work on any smart device manufactured within the last ten years.

  • Clean Design

    With a simple user interface, WayCloud is designed to be used by people in any demographic and technical ability.

  • Sharable

    Share your location with anyone, anytime using WayCloud's fully customizable send-to-email and send-to-text features.

Internal Wayfinding

The WayCloud On Campus experience is accessed via on-site kiosks or other personal smart devices. Each kiosk knows its own location, and the process of selecting and displaying the map with start/end locations requires the user to tap the screen once. When the map is displayed on the kiosk the user can send the map and directions via text or email to themselves, family members or other visitors.

The kiosk wayfinding experience requires the user to tap/click the screen only once.

External Wayfinding

The Off Campus WayCloud experience can be accessed on a smart phone, desktop PC or any other Internet enabled device. It will guide users from their current location to the correct parking area. The user’s current location is discovered by the Google maps API, plugged into WayCloud, then (automatically) displayed to the user along with a list of destinations from which to choose.

The external wayfinding experience requires the user to tap/click the screen at most three times.

Got Questions?

THIS IS WHY WAYCLOUD IS AMAZINGAnd why your visitors will use it every day

Have you ever arrived at a large hospital, university or other large campus and parked in a random parking lot then gone inside to ask for directions to your destination only to find that your destination is on the opposite side of the campus? If you’re like me, you then struggle with the question “Walk across the hospital twice or hop in your car and pray for another parking space on the other side of campus?”

This is just one of the many problems that WayCloud has been designed to solve: A wayfinding and mapping solution that works in your phone’s web browser with no need to download an app. Simply go to your branded url – like company.waycloud.co – click or tap on your destination and watch the cloud-based mapping solution draw a map to your destination. WayCloud also integrates turn by turn GPS navigation to get you parked in the most convenient parking area.

Easy to Customize

  • Branded logos, colors & assets
  • Flat and Isographic maps available
  • Easily change waypoints & descriptions

Elegant Interface

  • Scales down for small screens
  • Easy to understand and use
  • A/B tests report excellent usability


  • Uses the latest Google framework
  • Ultra-small client footprint
  • Compressed delivery for fast load times

User Experience

  • Design for ease of use
  • Flexible, Responsive Layout
  • All demographics report positive usability

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WAYCLOUD ON YOUR CAMPUSThe one tool visitors need to get where they're going

The Real Reason You Need WayCloud

Wayfinding systems make financial sense. Costs associated with wayfinding problems are often hidden. For example, consider the indirect cost of lost productivity as concerned staff members take time away from their duties to give directions or walk lost visitors to their destination. One study at a major tertiary hospital estimated the cost of wayfinding problems at $220,000 per year (Zimring).

Another indirect cost of poor wayfinding is that lost visitors are late or miss their appointments as people who visit the location infrequently misjudge how long it takes to navigate an unfamiliar environment.

Furthermore, successful wayfinding systems can contribute to better Press Ganey scores as has been demonstrated at hospitals around the world.

A well established, visionary wayfinding system like WayCloud promotes:

  • Reduction of stress and frustration for the visitor
  • Functional efficiency
  • Visitor accessibility
  • Safety
  • Patient empowerment, improving cognitive skills in spatial understanding
  • Improved bottom line

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